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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Future of FANGORIA

As I continue to grow as a writer at my internship, I have been paying attention to more than just the articles in both the print and online versions of FANGORIA. My desire to learn how to better reach our readers has lead me to looking deeper into the social media presence of the magazine as well as new ways to to bring life to staple events and creating fun, monthly columns. A few ideas that I have been tossing around is a brand new Instagram account, pre-show entertainment at our free monthly screenings, as well as a new segment for the print version of the magazine.  

Recently, I sat down with Editor Emeritus, Tony Timpone one evening in New York to discuss my ideas and how they could benefit FANGORIA Entertainment. I felt confident in speaking with Tony as I was well prepared in my plan of action should he give the okay to move forward with my ideas.  After I went through all that I had to say on the matter, I was ecstatic over the fact that not only did he like my ideas but encouraged me to speak with Ken Hanley, the Managing Editor, and Mike Gingold, the Editor-In-Chief. I look forward to my ideas and suggestions coming to fruition with the help and support from the great team of creative minds from whom I'm learning so much.

Though I can't speak of the details of all my ideas that I pitched to Tony that evening until that are solidified, I believe that they will truly add a unique quality, more so than FANGORIA already has. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Preparing For My Career...

Having a career in the entertainment industry is something I have always longed for. I have been preparing myself for this my whole life and now that I am only a few months away from graduating college, I know that it I must continue that planning.  Working as an intern for FANGORIA has been a part of that planning, and having this job in media it is important that I stay on top of what is happening, not only in print and online entertainment news, but the trends in the horror world. In order to be successful one must often stay one step ahead of the game and focus the up and coming.

One of the most important things I’m learning is that growing my contact list in this industry is extremely important.  In the few short months of my internship I have begun creating a list of contacts that could be a great help to me as I push further down the path of successes. I’m realizing that no one can do it alone, and the more people you meet the more resources you gain. Of course, knowing is half the battle, yet understanding is just as important.  In the entertainment industry, just like other industries, it is important to do your research and know your history.  In my circumstance I must learn about the entertainment and media industry and not just the past thirsty years, but from the beginning.  Without understanding the beginnings or this industry it is virtually impossible to create innovative work.

However, no matter how much knowledge you can learn, gaining skills and experiences, both personally and professionally is top of the list.  Selling yourself to future employers is also important and what better way to do so than with a stellar resume.  Building your resume may take a long time and making sure that it is comprehensive and worth reading can be just as challenging.  Currently I am in the process of creating a resume that will stand out amongst piles and piles of others. My resume must be a textual extension of myself.

The next step I am currently working on is my online presence.  In today’s day and age, who you are online is almost as important as who you are off-line.  That is why I am working on creating a personal website to post samples of my work, a copy of my resume and links to my blogs and twitter accounts. This is a great way to let people know who you are without out sending them on a goose chase through cyber space.  It is a fun and creative process and one that is truly teaching me about how I want others to see me.